Our Identity and Vision

The mission and ministry of PEARUSA is to join our hearts, prayers, and efforts with other faithful followers of Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit himself, in fulfilling Christ’s Great Commission in North America.

PEARUSA has been blessed by a stewardship of five identifying charisms (callings), essential values that establish its identity, mission, and ministry:

We are a missional movement, planting thriving Anglican churches and expanding the Gospel with compassion and truth in our communities.

We are a formational movement, actively developing healthy next-generation leaders for the church and coming alongside current parishes and clergy to assist in lifelong growth and development.

We are a relational movement, committed to collaboration with others and thriving with a culture that fosters healthy friendship and accountability.

We are a biblical movement, committed to orthodox, evangelical, biblical Christianity and seeking a coherent theological vision for all of life.

We are a global movement, shaped and formed by our identity-level relationships with Rwanda and the Global Fellowship of Confessing Anglicans.

Our specific stewardship is to become a growing movement of healthy, reproducing Anglican churches. We are a Missionary District of the Anglican Church of Rwanda, so we are birthed in Rwanda. We are a full jurisdiction of the Anglican Church in North America, so we are planted in North America. We are committed to the transforming message of new life in Jesus Christ, so we are bearing fruit in our communities. This all translates into people, clergy, and parishes that are on mission, serving 24/7, in neighborhoods, workplaces, and institutions.

PEARUSA is divided into three regional Networks charged with fulfilling our calling as a Missionary District:

1.  PEARUSA Atlantic Coast Network

2.  PEARUSA Southeast Network

3.  PEARUSA West Network

At present there are no Canadian churches in PEARUSA, but we are grateful that faithful Anglicans in Canada are well-served by the Anglican Network in Canada, a sister jurisdiction within the ACNA.

With such large footprints, the Networks are further subdivided, where possible, into Regions—churches that are within easy driving distance from one another and that are able to gather as need and opportunity arise.

Our Networks, their bishops, and their leadership teams are responsible for the following aspects of the mission and ministry of PEARUSA:

1.  Collaboratively discerning God’s call for spiritual and administrative leaders to serve the work of the Regional Network.

2.  Collaboratively nominating bishops to serve as shepherding and apostolic overseers.

3.  Identifying and building leadership teams to catalyze, equip, and serve our mission.

4.  Using the distributed funds contributed by member churches to train and equip new church planters and plant new churches—and all that is implied in working together to expand and support the Gospel through church planting.

5.  Leading the way in identifying and credentialing new clergy and church planters.

6.  Caring for and supporting churches and clergy.

7.  Fostering and supporting our deep filial connection with the Church of Rwanda through sister parish and diocesan partnerships.

Basically, anything that qualifies as the mission and ministry of PEARUSA finds its practical development and application through effective Networks and the healthy growing parishes they support.

It is important to understand the Operational Values of our Networks, the principles that govern our work together.

1. Personal Devotion and Consecration: We commit to be individuals who earnestly seek to personally know and follow the Lord Jesus Christ, seeking to fulfill our spiritual mandates of living by & in faith, grace, humility, dependence, consecration, personal holiness, and Christian community.

2. Spirit-led and Spirit-empowered: We commit to depend upon, pray, and earnestly seek the guidance, presence, and power of the Holy Spirit in all we do.

3. Mission-driven and Mission-focused: Our mission is given to us by our Lord Jesus—to become and make disciples. We commit to seek to fulfill this calling and to measure our activities and efforts by faithfulness and effectiveness in evangelism and discipleship.

4. Missional Communities and Church Planting: We are committed to “scattering for mission” into our communities. Specifically we are pursuing the development of missional communities and church plants as primary methods of effective evangelism and discipleship, and our measurements of growth focus on release, expansion, and multiplication.

5. Movement More than Structure: We commit to think and act creatively and boldly in mission, and to equip and empower the entire Church to bear witness to Jesus Christ, in power, by word and deed, in the context of everyday life in the world. We commit to work with other faithful followers of Christ in Kingdom-minded collaboration.

6. Effectively and Flexibly Institutional: Proper institutions are essential to guard and protect beliefs, practices, and people and to enable us to live by principle rather than by personality. We thank God for the legacy of sustained faith and mission we receive from Christ’s church. Therefore, we commit to continually strive to be effectively, efficiently structured and to build flexible and responsive systems to expand and support the mission and ministry of PEARUSA.

7. Relationally Rich: We commit to be a movement growing in genuine love, mutual honor, deep appreciation, and unity.

8. Relationally True: In the spirit of the East African Revival, we commit to integrity, transparency, and accountability.

9. Relationally Reconciled: In the case of conflict or tension, we commit to make every effort to be at peace with one another and to work through difficulties unto reconciliation.

10. Teamwork and Collaboration: Fundamental to our heritage, we commit to do all our work in a highly collaborative, conciliar fashion. Structures and practices of leadership must be manifestly collaborative with visible evidence of Spirit-led teamwork on every level of oversight and decision-making. As much as possible, and whenever practical, we will make decisions through conciliar work by laity, clergy, and bishops.

11. Consensus in Decision Making: We commit to listen well to one another as we seek to lead by full participatory consensus (rather than requiring absolute unanimity), honoring those who respectfully differ but are able to support the general consensus.

12. Stewardship: We are stewards of the Gospel, of the grace of God in our lives, and of all resources we have been given. We commit to live as servants of Christ and stewards of every gift and resource, using everything we are given as an investment in the fulfillment of our Lord’s covenant of blessing for our world.

Thanks for taking the time to learn about PEARUSA. If you have any questions, please contact Ben Bowman.